From Petrovac to awesome locations in under 20 min - Part 2

From Petrovac to awesome locations in under 20 min - Part 2

Beach Drobni Pijesak - wild beach worth visiting


It's one of the beaches hardest to access. While driving from Petrovac to St. Stefan, the only thing you will see is a small traffic sign for “Drobni Pijesak” and a bit of extension on the side of the road. From this point, a very steep and a bit narrow road leads to the coast. You can leave your car at the road extension and continue by foot, but we advise you to do that only if you are in good physical condition.

On the other hand, if you continue by car, it would be better if it's not a small car with 5 people in it. In this case, you would have problems making it up the road on the way back, due to power of the car for a steam climbe.

After managing this part of the road, you will park your car, and continue by walk for couple hundred meters through a passage in woods (you can’t get lost, the road is marked), and finally you will arrive at the beach.

Just before you think that “Drobni Pijesak” is not worth all this trouble, a beautiful beach will catch your eye and take your breath. The main characteristic of this beach is the purity and transparency of the sea. As soon as you go swimming, you will notice that you can see the bottom of the sea far more clearly than on the most of other beaches along the Montenegrin coast. The wildness and cleanness of Drobni Pijesak will make your effort getting there, well worth it.

We advise you visit Drobni Pijesak particularly in the summer months of July and August. In this time of the year, other beaches are very crowded. But here you will find far more space, because this beach is not reachable like others.

From Hotel Eleven to Drobni Pijesak: 12-minute drive; 7.2 kilometra; 4.5 miles

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Monastery Reževići - stands tall after many attacks


Monastery Reževići is named after a nearby place - Reževići, very close to Petrovac. The Monastery consists of the Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary and the Church of Holy Trinity, and by the folk tradition, the monastery was built at the site of a pagan temple.

As the title says, this monastery has gone through many attacks. In the 18th century from the Turks, in 1812 during the French occupation and eventually by the Italians during the Second World War.

Fortunately, Monastery Reževići is preserved to this day and is a peaceful place that tells many stories about life, tradition, religion, and culture.

From Hotel Eleven to Drobni Pijesak: 10-minute drive; 4.4 kilometers; 2.7 miles

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Queen’s beach in Sutomore


When we say "Queen’s Beach" most people in Montenegro (not only tourists but locals, too) will think of the beach in St. Stefan, under this name. But there is another beach with the same name in a far less exclusive town than St. Stefan. It is the Queen’s beach in Sutomore and the beach is absolutely amazing.

The fact that Queen’s beach is accessed only by boat tells you right away that it is a wild beach. However, it is not extremely wild. On the contrary, there is a restaurant and beach chairs which are well distanced so that you can enjoy your privacy.

The wild thing on the Queen’s beach is its beauty. The water is impeccably clean, the beach also, the rocks that surround it are only enhancing the feeling of wilderness. Away from the big crowds, like on a small island, you will feel the wilderness of Robinson Crusoe.

From hotel Eleven to Queen’s beach in Sutomore: 16-minute drive by car and 5 minutes by boat; 11.1 kilometers; 6.9 miles

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Beach in Perazića Do - A must do when in Petrovac

It's easy to miss out on this beautiful beach because many of you, dear tourists, do not even ask "How to get to the beach in Perazic Do?" This is not your fault, of course, and to fix this, today we are asking and answering this question.

If you are staying at one of the hotels in Petrovac, you should know that there is one of the most beautiful promenades on the Montenegrin coast which leads to the beach in Perazic Do. If you try to find this path on a Google Map, you will not get directions on how to get there on foot. That's why we advise you to ask the staff of the hotel or locals to inform you on how to find the promenade. Do not worry, you will not get lost, there will be other people on this way to the beach, so the collective spirit of going to the beach will only further enhance your walk.Staza od Petrovca do Perazića dola je dugačka oko jednog kilometra. Uzduž staze se pružaju fenomenalni pogledi na Jadransko more, zato će vaša šetnja prilično potrajati, jer su foto-pauze obavezne na ovoj relaciji.

The trail from Petrovac to Perazic Do is about one kilometer long (0.6 miles). Through the promenade there are spectacular views of the Adriatic Sea, so your walk will take quite a while since photo breaks are inevitable here. Also, you will pass through several tunnels. As you walk through these relatively dark tunnels, the moment of leaving the last tunnel is the moment in which the blue sea will catch your eyesight. An unforgettable moment.

On the beach in Perazic Do there is an abandoned, half-built, huge hotel "As". Although many will say that this abandoned building is spoiling the beautiful beach, our opinion is quite the opposite. This drastic contrast between the sandy beach and abandoned building are kind of showcasing the economic and cultural transition Montenegro has gone through.The beach would probably be ideal without the abandoned building, but then it wouldn't have such character. And it wouldn't make such a strong impression as it does now.

From Hotel Eleven in Petrovac to the beach in Perazic Do: about 1-kilometer walk.

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