National Parks of Montenegro

National Parks of Montenegro

Durmitor National Park


National Park Durmitor is located in the north of Montenegro in a city called Zabljak. Two inevitable sites of this national park are Black Lake and the highest peak of mountain Durmitor - Bobotov Kuk, with an altitude of 2523 meters.

It is impossible to miss the Black Lake. Just after entering the National Park, the road leads you right to this lake, that literally opens before your eyes, and is overflown by the mountain Durmitor like a giant fortress. Black Lake is not just eye-catching, and an opportunity for a good photo to share with friends, but is also ideal for those of you who love the so-called active vacation. Therefore, you can explore the lake in three ways: by boat, by bicycle or on foot. Around the lake, there is a beautiful walking road without any fell of human effect, rather than trails made by feet of other visitors.

You can also go through this path with a bike, that is, if you are a fan of a bit more extreme driving. However, to avoid going in circles, you can rent a small wooden boat. A boat for two to three people, without an engine. So, as soon as you go a little further from the shore, everything you hear is "the sound of nature" and the noise that creates the paddle while passing through the water.

Bobotov Kuk, as the highest peak at 2523 meters, will be left only for those visitors who take hiking a bit more serious. However, for hikers, there are a lot of marked trails accessible to fewer experience hikers or even first-timers. Although there are over 40 mountain peaks with an altitude above 2000 meters above sea level, Durmitor National Park is especially interesting for hikers due to lakes. Within the National Park, there are 18 glacier lakes, known as "mountain eyes". Each of the lakes is a discovery for itself. You will see some of them from the distance while hiking above them, and some of them will open before your eyes as you are exiting a trail through woods.

For all of you who enjoy the world of plants, you will be pleased to know that Durmitor National Park has 1325 plant species, of which 150 are medicinal and 40 kinds of edible mushrooms. Please, note that you should not just go picking mushrooms because there are also those which are not edible, yet toxic. So fill the basket only if you are well-acquainted and experienced in recognizing mushrooms or have a guide, who will do it for you.

Just in case all of the above is not enough for you, the Durmitor National Park includes the Tara River Canyon. If you did not know, it is the highest canyon in Europe, 1600 meters high from the Tara River to the top of the canyon. The only higher canyon is the Grand Canyon in North America. In addition to its magnificent appearance, Rafting on Tara River is a favorite attraction for those who want to experience this canyon and the river on a more “personal level”.

Wherever you start exploring the Durmitor National Park, you’ve made a good start, and where you stop your exploration depends only on your physical condition because this National Park has a lot to offer. Make sure you bring more covering clothes for evening hours, adequate footwear for longer walks, water and snacks, and the rest you will find on Durmitor.

Skadar Lake


Unlike Durmitor, for sightseeing of Skadar Lake, there are no big hiking tours or extreme cycling. This will be a treat for all of you who like to enjoy nature in a more relaxed way. Skadar Lake is very rich in flora and fauna and is internationally recognized as a natural reserve of birds. Even 281 bird species are inhabitants of the Skadar Lake. You will be able to see some of them flying around the lake, and the really lucky once will see the Pelican, the symbol of this lake.

Skadar Lake is located near Podgorica, next to a small place called Virpazar. You can reach the lake by car, train or bus, and for the lake tour, we suggest renting a boat. These boats are located along the shores of the lake, with guides that can drive you around this magnificent water. Even if you are not nature and bird lover, riding on a boat and feeling the breeze during the hot summer days is more than welcome to anyone.

After exploring Skadar Lake, you will not be tired as you would while hiking on Durmitor, but there is always room for fresh fish. The restaurant next to Skadar Lake will offer you lake fish with extras and Montenegrin wine, which takes the best grapes exactly from the region around the Skadar Lake.


Finally, we can’t leave all this nature only “on paper”. That is why our hotel in Petrovac, has a partnership with the Tourist Agency Medini, which organizes a great number of excursions throughout Montenegro. With the Medini Agency, we are able to offer our guests to choose an excursion to our hotel which really simplifies the process makes the vacation in Petrovac expanded to other sites in no time.

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