Petrovac in September

Petrovac in September

Offer one friend a ticket to Las Vegas and he will be grateful for the rest of his life. Offer another friend the same, and he will look at you as if offering something awful.
What attracts one person, what he wants and what he hopes for, is the same thing that makes the other person unfriend you. :)
Some people go on a holiday for nightlife, day parties, crowded beaches. Others will rather spend a holiday at some of the less crowded destinations, but are therefore surrounded by nature, cleanliness, fresh air.

Where does Petrovac belong, the Montenegrin coast in general? It's somewhere between, and it depends when you're visiting. During the second half of July and the first half of August is the peak of the season. Then you can expect a hurried summer atmosphere, lots of people, crowds, everything that young people like. :) In September you will feel a different atmosphere. Everything is at least for a degree lower. Temperature, number of guests, prices.

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Now we will check out the key points about Petrovac (Montenegrin coast) so you can decide whether you are more for an August or September type of vacation.

4 main differences between a vacation in August and September in Petrovac

What’s the weather like?

The answer you will get in August is different from that one in September. Here's why:

In Petrovac, the temperature in August 2018 ranged from 29 to 35 degrees Celsius. Very warm, but this summer we are "honored" with lower temperatures, which usually go up to 40 degrees Celsius and higher.

The predicted temperature for September 2018 will range from 21 to 29 degrees Celsius. For many, these are ideal temperatures. Enough warm for the beach and short sleeves, while the evenings are pleasant fresh for a good night sleep.

How crowded is it?

The second most frequent question is about the number of people staying in Montenegro. And once again, the difference is great if we compare data for August 2017 and September of the same year.

There were 581,000 visits to hotels and private accommodation during the month of August 2017. On the other hand, 216,000 visits to hotels and private accommodation during September of the same year.

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What about accommodation?

If you are looking for accommodation on the for a three-member family for one week in August, you might (as we did) come to an 85% occupancy and only 58 offers. For the same search in September, we got 231 offers!

What do we conclude?

"August is the month for those who want to "feel the crowd ", heat and summer parties in the seaside towns. September is the month for those who want to rest and truly relax."

In September the temperatures are lower so you can spend more time outdoors, walking, enjoying the beaches, without getting a sunburn. The temperature is ideal, especially if you are spending a vacation with children.
Fewer crowds in the city, on the roads, means less stress in September, more time for the type of vacation you planned. Fewer crowds in hotels mean more offers at more affordable rates, so you can afford a long vacation in a great hotel.

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There is a prejudice that September is for two groups of people: families with small children and people of mature age.
This is somewhat accurate, but it is not exclusive to others, as you can still go rafting on Tara river, sailing on the Adriatic Sea, hiking to mountain glacier lakes in Zabljak etc. So an active vacation is still an option if you want it.


That’s all about September in Petrovac for now.
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