Guide to Montenegro 2018!

Guide to Montenegro 2018!

Summer in September?

If you had no time for a vacation in July or August or if you are someone who likes to avoid the “Summer crowds” that are typically in all popular tourist locations.
Our article on Petrovac in September will bring you closer to the atmosphere in this month, which belongs to the so-called post-Summer-season.
We are writing with differences in relation to August, by temperature, crowds on the streets, occupancy of accommodation. This is an article after which you will quickly decide whether you are a person for a vacation at the peak of the Summer season or perhaps in September.

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Excursions in Montenegro

We know that many of you are planning to visit as many towns, lakes, mountains, beaches, during the holiday in Montenegro. That is why we enabled our guests to book excursions at the reception of our hotel in Petrovac. In cooperation with our partner agency Therefore while you are relaxing in Petrovac one day, the next day you can be at Tara river on a rafting excursion. And all you have to do is to reserve your place at the reception.
We wrote about 4 interesting excursions, which will definitely make you impatient.

Montenegrin Coast

Of all the regions in Montenegro, the coast is first among the equals. How to organize a tour of the Montenegrin coast? How long will it take? Which city is the best base city for visiting all locations on the Montenegrin coast? Which means of transport should you choose?
We shared our experience so that your active holiday becomes more active and less stressful. Read the details in the blog.

Copacabana in Montenegro

The “Velika” beach in Ulcinj is also known as Copacabana. Due to its 12500 meters in length and very tiny sand, it is commonly known as a replica of the famous Brazilian beach. We wrote about this popular beach and what to expect.

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Our Lady of The Rocks

Of all the stories in Montenegro, one is special. This is the story of the artificial island of Our Lady of the Rocks. How did this island originate and which legends follow it? We were not able to skip this legendary story and location in Bay of Boka, so we wrote an authentic story about it.


Kotor has a similar in Montenegro as Dubrovnik has in Croatia. Moreover, Kotor has such a rich historical heritage, and this is best described by the cathedral in the old town. The cathedral in Kotor is 544 years older than the Cathedral of the Holy Apostle in London and 460 years from the Basilica of St. Peter in Rome. What else has this city to offer? Check out our blog about it.

Nature in Montenegro

Many guests come to Montenegro primarily because of nature. That's why we paid special attention to the presentation of national parks. We wrote about the National Park Biogradska Gora, one of the three remaining rainforests in Europe. Then about Lovcen National Park and the city of Cetinje with its own culture and history. We did not skip perhaps even the most popular national parks, Durmitor and Skadar Lake.

Perfection of Petrovac

3 blog articles are especially dear to us. These are articles that describe Petrovac. Therefore, we suggest that you first get to know Petrovac, and then you can see which locations are near the city, and why you should visit them during the summer vacation in Petrovac.

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Finally, we leave you with frequent questions about Montenegro. Quick reading for all of you who are just getting to know our country. Which is the longest beach on the Montenegrin coast? What are the most popular rivers in Montenegro? What about national parks in Montenegro?



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