Get to know Montenegro!

Get to know Montenegro!

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Jan 22 2018

Get to know Montenegro!

What is the weather like in Montenegro?

The climate in Montenegro is very complex and varies from the Mediterranean in the south to the severe mountain climate in the north. The average temperature in July is 27.1 °C in Podgorica (capital city in the central region, known to be the hottest city) and 14.5 °C in Zabljak (in the north). Overall Montenegro is a very sunny country, but, at the same time, on the slopes of the Orijen mountain at an altitude of 1097 meters there is a meteorological station with rainfall of 5155mm/m2 and with an absolute daily record of 480 mm/m2. This record can be found in only one more place called Karapandza, under the Himalayas.

What is the sea like in Montenegro?

Montenegro has coast on the Adriatic Sea. In his scientific works, Jacque Cousteau, the unsurpassable explorer of the sea mentioned the Adriatic Sea as one of the cleanest in Europe. In front of the Bay of Boka, the Adriatic Sea is the deepest (1330m) while it is the widest between Bar and Brindizi (211 km). This is also the zone of the greatest saltiness of 38%, the zone where the sea is the most transparent (69 meters) and of the warmest water (on average 25 °C in July). The annual temperature of coastal seawater is 17.7 °C, on average there are 7.2 sunny hours and average annual air temperature is above 17 °C. This makes the bathing season in Montenegro a month longer than it is in Malaga (Spain) or Nice (France), or even two months longer than in Sevastopol (the Black Sea).


Can you do underwater fishing in Montenegro?

Underwater fishing is also possible along the Montenegrin coast due to alternating changes of the shallow and deeper seawater. The Adriatic Sea is rich in different high-quality fish as well as in exotic sea fruits that are specialties of local fish restaurants on the shore.

Which is the largest beach on the Montenegrin coast?

The largest beach in Montenegro is “Velika beach” in Ulcinj. It is 12.5 km long with average shore width of 70 meters, with shallow waters of around 100 meters and the capacity of 100.000 swimmers. Ideal for children and non-swimmers (due to shallow water).

Are there many lakes in Montenegro?

Montenegro is rich in lakes. The largest one is Skadar Lake, before lakes Sasko and Plavsko. The deepest one is Black Lake on the Durmitor (49 meters). There are also 29 glacier mountain lakes in Montenegro.


What about rivers in Montenegro?

The largest rivers in Montenegro are Tara, Cehotina, Piva, Lim, Zeta, and Moraca. They are very rich in fish. The most interesting fish in the rivers of Montenegro are mountain trout, chub, lipljen, pike. The most common fish in Skadar Lake are bleak, eel and carp. Also, tara river is very popular in rafting and camping, partly due to the fact that Tara Canyon is second deepest canyon in the world.

Are there any national parks in Montenegro?

Montenegro has 5 national parks. So far we have written about four of them, Durmitor, Biogradska gora, Skadar Lake and Lovcen. The last one is national park Prokletije.

How can I get to Montenegro?

You can get to Montenegro by an airplane landing at any of two airports. One in the coastal town Tivat, or in the capital Podgorica. Depending on your starting point, Montenegro also has connections by train, ship, bus, and you can always go with a car or a motorcycle.

Why is Petrovac a perfect base city for exploring the whole coast of Montenegro? 

Yes, our hotel is located in Petrovac, so it kinda makes sense to state that Petrovac is the best city for exploring the coast of Montenegro. But we say this for a reason - Petrovac is a small coastal town geographically located almost exactly in the middle of the Montenegrin coast. In other words, it is a similar distance, when going from Petrovac to Bay of Boka (farthest point to the border with Croatia) as it is when going from Petrovac to Ulcinj (the southest city in Montenegro). In between, there are so many small coastal cities, beaches, restaurants, historical and cultural monuments. It is impossible to visit everything on an average vacation, but having a perfect location you can make the most of your time while in Montenegro.

Plus, we love that Petrovac is a bit more “relaxed” city rather than some more popular cities that are overcrowded and loud. They are great to visit, but when you want time for yourself, Petrovac will be a town to provide relaxation after exploring the city and other places on the coast.

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